Aleksey Martynenko, founder and CEO of Umalat, was born on 16.12.1971 in Kaltan, a town in Kemerovo Oblast. He graduated from Moscow Mining Institute in 1994 (Economics faculty). He completed the OPM program at Harvard Business School in 2015 becoming one of the four executives from Russia who attended and completed this course at Harvard Business School at that time.

In the 1990s Aleksey started a business for delivery and production of livestock feed. He founded the company Mustang in 1993. At the same time, he took interest in cheese making and started home-based manufacturing of fresh cheeses for his family and friends.

Little by little, this hobby turned into desire to share experience and develop people’s tastes in fresh cheeses. In 2003 Aleksey acquired a plant Sevskiy maslodel (Butter manufacturer from Sevsk) located in Sevsk, a town in Bryansk Oblast, and founded a company Umalat, which is now one of the biggest producers of fresh cheeses in Russia.

Aleksey is an active traveler; he had an experience of hiking all the way through the Altai Mountains. He learnt a lot about cultures and cultural special aspects of other countries: Italy, Thailand, Germany, Switzerland, and Adygea.

He supports active and healthy lifestyle: he likes mountain skiing, participates in marathons, and practices yoga for more than 15 years. He created the project Unagrande YogaClub, which allows everyone practice yoga anywhere they like.

Aleksey is married, with 3 children.