Suliguni in sticks for the first time in Russia

01 November 2019
Suliguni in sticks for the first time in Russia

“Umalat” was the first company in Russia that started the mass production of Mozzarella. At present, the Company keeps on being a leader by launching different types of Caucasian cheeses. Suluguni in sticks Umalat has appeared in shops!

The category of Caucasian cheeses, including Suluguni, is traditional and quite conservative, and as a result, new types are a rare thing. The production of a new convenient shape of Suluguni in sticks will make a positive effect on white cheeses in Russia.

Suluguni in sticks Umalat is a healthy snack when you are hungry. You can eat sticks on the run, in the car, in the office, anywhere. You can always take them for a snack; they are easy to open and are convenient to keep. There are four sticks in a pack; each stick is put in an individual bag.

The new product will not only attract lovers of Caucasian cheeses, but also those who care about their food, who have to eat on the run and prefer delicious and healthy snacks.

“The production of Suluguni in sticks means that the Company can create more products in the category of Caucasian cheeses. This delicious and healthy snack is a true innovation in this group. We offer our customers to have a healthy snack,” says Boris Etin, Marketing Director.

Suluguni cheese is a traditional Georgian cheese with a mild and moderately salty taste and a texture with layers. The cheese contains only natural ingredients: milk, rennet and salt. In comparison with other cheeses, it has a high percentage of protein and calcium and Vitamins A, C, D, E, PP and B Vitamins.

Caucasian cheese “Suluguni Umalat” is very popular in Russia. The sticks packed in individual bags will let people enjoy their favorite cheese anywhere. As the new product has gained great interest from the chains, it will appear on the shelves of the national food retailers very soon.
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