Umalat presented a business case at the Harvard Business School meeting

18 June 2019
Umalat presented a business case at the Harvard Business School meeting An international business breakfast was held in Moscow at an off-site reunion for the graduates of OPM (Owner/President Management) Harvard Business School program. General Director and founder of ZAO Umalat Alexey Martynenko presented a case of successful fresh cheese production in Russia and discussed business prospects in Russia with the attendees. Off-site graduates’ reunions are traditional events for the former students of OPM Harvard Business School. They enable businesspeople from different countries to establish new business contacts and find out more about business opportunities in their countries. This year Russian businessman Andrey Martynenko became the host and organizer of the reunion. Alexey Martynenko graduated from Harvard Business School in 2015 becoming the forth Russian who had studied at the OPM (Owner / President Management) program. Already during his studies he implemented in his business the knowledge gained in the renowned business school, and thus brought about a dramatic revenue growth at ZAO Umalat: four times from 2013 to 205 and almost ten times by 2018: to over 344 mn roubles. Production development resulted in Umalat’s 4th place on the fresh cheeses market in Russia. Umalat is a vivid illustration of how interest in a certain industry segment and personal involvement in production result in the global success of a business. Alexey Martynenko acquired a butter factory in the town of Sevsk (Bryansk Oblast) in a pre-bankruptcy state, launched the production of his favorite fresh cheeses and first in Russia started mass production of mozzarella. At the reunion he told how to become a market leader in Russia keeping the highest product quality. ‘At Harvard Business School I was a student of Professor Boris Groysberg, one of the best at Harvard. He compared Umalat to a foster child: before I really accept him there will be now result. He recommended that I personally get involved in business. After that I personally took up operational management and restructured many processes. The company became attractive for workers, and business dynamics emerged’, shared his Harvard memories Andrey Martynenko. A special guest at the business breakfast was Nikolay Tsekhomsky, first deputy chairman of Vnesheconombank and Doctor of Economics. The main topic of his report was business management in Russia and statistics in resources and production segments. For instance, today Russia rose to the 31st place in the ranking of countries with best business development climate. Russia also holds the 1st place in forest area and natural gas volume, 2nd place in oil and oil products export and coal supply, and the 4th place in terms of agricultural area. In his report Mr. Tsekhomsky demonstrated that today Russia is attractive for business and the case of Umalat is the best proof to it.
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