“Umalat” at the “Cheese AgroTAG” conference

25 November 2019
“Umalat” at the “Cheese AgroTAG” conference Alexey Martynenko, founder and CEO of “Umalat”, took part in the “Cheese AgroTAG: M&A, new technologies and sales markets” conference, which was held in November 22, 2019 in Moscow.

The participants discussed important questions related to the Russian cheese market at the event. They agreed that the advantage of the embargo on dairy products we have now would not last forever. After the embargo ends, they will probably have to compete with imported products and will have to find ways to export their products.

So far, Russian products are a little behind their foreign competitors in variety and production technologies. Moreover, the packaging of the products is less attractive for a customer. The companies will have to use this period for a qualitative increase in production of cheeses.

Alexey Martynenko said how the Company, that hardly made two ends meet during 16 years, turned into one of the cheese market leaders after the “Umalat” team had joined it. He also said a few words about the reborn Company: its strategy and values. The expert said that the Russian cheese market increased by 10% per year, but there were certain difficulties with production processing that still had to be met. Unfortunately, not all problems of the industry have been decided. For example, due to the court orders of restricting production of Adygei cheese, its part in the market went down by 44%. There are other difficulties that should be discussed, and adequate decisions should be taken.
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