Welcome cheeses made by “Umalat” to VkusVill!

05 December 2019
Welcome cheeses made by “Umalat” to VkusVill!

“Umalat” has been supplying fresh Italian cheeses to “VkusVill” stores since October 2019. According to the mutually beneficial partnership, the products will be distributed to all retail stores.

Both companies, “VkusVill” and “Umalat”, have common values: the use of natural ingredients and strict quality control system, honest attitude towards customers and partners, and implementation of innovative technologies.

The “Umalat” company has started to produce soft cheeses such as Cream cheese, Robiola and Ricotta, which are very popular among customers, under the “VkusVill” brand.

Cream cheese, - gastronomic soft fresh cheese made of milk and cream and designed specifically for the preparation of sushi rolls and cheesecakes, - was the first one that appeared in the stores of “VkusVill” in October 2019. The cheese contains only three ingredients - cream, rennet and salt. The production technology, that is used, is one of a few, which are known in the world today.

In November 2019, “Umalat” has begun to ssupply the “VkusVill” stores with its unique product. There is nothing similar to it in the market. Robiola, previously produced under the Unagrande brand, is a gastronomic fresh creamy cheese made of milk and tender cream. Light Robiola has its own taste, completely different from other curd cheeses. It is perfect on bruschettas and canapés and can be used as a filling and in cooking to make desserts and creams.

In December 2019, the “VkusVill” stores will welcome Ricotta, classic Italian cheese made of milk whey. The ccheese is rich with albumin protein, calciumm, vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Ricotta is easily digested and is low in fat and calories in comparison with other fresh cheeses. Aleksey Martynenko, CEO of “Umalat” noted the importance of the cooperation with “VkusVill”: "It is always incredibly pleasant to work with people who share the same values ​​and want to provide the products of the highest quality to customers."

In numerous feedbacks on the official website and in the “VkusVill” application the customers of “VkusVill” have already given their positive feedbacks about the Italian cheeses, produced by “Umalat”, for their high quality and wonderful taste.

Due to a larger distribution, the products of “Umalat” have become closer to a customer. Today, cheeses produced by “Umalat” can be found in all main retail chains, and now in more than 1000 “VkusVill” stores of fresh and healthy food located in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan and 20 other cities of Russia.
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