A million dollar recipe: Sochetizer has gained over 1 mn subscribers

10 June 2019
A million dollar recipe: Sochetizer has gained over 1 mn subscribers The Instagram account of the multimedia food project Sochetizer has gained over 1 mn subscribers in just 3 years, proving its acknowledged leadership in the video recipes domain in the Russian language segment. Cooking instructions based on the quality products of Unagrande, Pretto and Umalat brands (soups, main courses, appetizers, salads and desserts) are posted several times a week.

In three years Sochetizer shot more than 600 unique video recipes where in 1 minute the whole process of cooking mouthwatering courses is demonstrated. Quality visual content and clear, easily followed instructions in record-breaking time attracted over 1 mn subscribers who regularly and actively interact with the account. Nearly half of the subscribers live in two Russian capitals – Moscow and St. Petersburgh.

The Sochetizer project encompassing an Instagram account and a web site of the same name differs from the competitors not only by quality photo and video content but also by interesting educational solutions. The site has special sections ‘Academy’ and ‘Ingredients’. ‘Ingredients’ contains descriptions of each course’s elements with nutritional and calorific value, cooking methods and taste combos, whereas’ Academy’ provides in-detail characteristics of fresh cheeses. Sochetizer offers international recipes and caters for all tastes, e.g. providing vegetarian and diet food.

1 mn of subscribers is an impressive result for an account with unique content and narrow specialization.

The project was launched by Umalat Company, one of the biggest Russian fresh cheese manufacturers.
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