Kaizen office of “Umalat”: everything for employees’ professional and personal growth

06 September 2019
Kaizen office of “Umalat”: everything for employees’ professional and personal growth

In early September, “Umalat”, fresh cheese producer, moved to a modern office in Leninsky Prospekt. The new office combines a comfortable and functional work area, a retreat area and a gym with smart gym equipment Pendex.

“Umalat”, producer of fresh Italian and Caucasian cheeses, has moved to a new office in Leninsky Prospekt. The new 616m² space fits the Financial and Commercial Departments, Marketing&PR and Logistics Departments, the Customer Service Department, Accounting and HR Departments.

“Umalat” follows the Kaizen principles in everything, which involves continuous improvement of production processes, management and life. The decision to move to the new office was made in order to meet a need to expand the working area for the growing team and improve working conditions. For example, a unique gym with smart machines Pendex and a retreat room have appeared.

The retreat room was specially created for each employee who can come and work alone or restore strength. It is strictly forbidden to have meetings or small talks there – in order to maintain sound deprivation and create a comfortable atmosphere for a rest. Visiting a quiet retreat room will help employees maintain a stable emotional background and increase their efficiency.

Pendex exercise units are designed for comfortable and uniform development of the human body. Each of 12 sports units has a built-in artificial intelligence system, which analyzes the physical condition of a person and develops a unique exercise program. A special display shows training goals and progress. During the workout, the gym equipment pays a special attention to six characteristics: quality and smoothness of movements, balance, symmetry, accuracy of exercises and strength. Thanks to this smart technology, it is absolutely safe to do exercises at any physical level. Regular and easy-to-get activities will help improve the workers' health.

 ““Umalat” is a dynamic company, we have been constantly growing in both quantitative and qualitative indicators. In July, we opened a new mozzarella workshop at our plant in Sevsk, Bryansk Region, and as a result we will increase the production of mozzarella cheeses 2.5 times as much. Social responsibility is equally important for us. To improve the environment situation in autumn we will launch the second stage of waste treatment facilities, which will transform the wastewater of the plant and the entire city of Sevsk into clean water. We care about the environment and the working conditions of our employees in both Sevsk and Moscow,” - said Alexey Martynenko, founder of “Umalat”.

The “Umalat” management tries to make working conditions as comfortable as possible and inspire employees for constant self-improvement. It creates all the conditions for the effective work of the team. Moreover, this approach to work and physical activity corresponds to the Wellness (comfortable) lifestyle, which is part of the philosophy of “Unagrande” - the brand of Italian cheeses of the “Umalat” company.
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