Italian and Caucasian cheeses at the main square of the country

04 October 2019
Italian and Caucasian cheeses at the main square of the country

“Umalat”, producer of fresh cheeses, will take part in the “Golden Autumn” Fair from October 4 to October 13. The festival where the best Russian manufacturers will participate can be found in the very center of the capital - Red Square. Muscovites and tourists will see local products and goods, including the well-known cheeses made by “Umalat”. The visitors of the Fair will be the first to buy a new Unagrande cheese - semi-firm Caciocavallo cheese.

From October 4 to October 13 - The bright "Golden Autumn" Festival will be held in the heart of Moscow - Red Square. The symbol of Russia will become even more attractive for tourists, because the best producers of Russia will represent their products at the fair. Visitors will enjoy a real gastronomic journey around the country!

“Umalat”, producer of fresh cheeses, represents dairy products from Bryansk region in house No. 51. Here you can buy not only such famous cheeses as Mozzarella, Mascarpone, Ricotta and Suluguni, but also a new type of cheese - Caciocavallo. This traditional Italian cheese is very popular in its homeland, and it is becoming popular in Russia too. Caciocavallo will be a real gift for gourmets and cheese lovers at Moscow main fair.

“Umalat” has prepared tasting platters full of its natural cheeses. Any guest can try the cheeses before buying, feel delicate tastes and sunny vibes of Italy and the south of Russia. All who buy the cheeses will get special presents from the Company. If you go to the “Golden Autumn” Festival, you will have an opportunity to buy Umalat, Unagrade and Pretto cheeses at a special discount.

The “Golden Autumn” Festival will follow the traditions: the guest will have an opportunity to buy delicious cheeses, different meats, fresh vegetables and fruits and have a good time! The Fair will offer culinary classes with famous chefs and a concert of unusual folk groups, which the guests can visit. Children can have fun at pottery classes and other creative workshops. Everyone will find something interesting! 
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